Where can you see my originals?

Hi there!

Below is the UPDATED  List of where you can see my art.

It's another cold January day and I thought I'd take a few minutes to answer the common question I often see when I post on social media "Where can I see your work?", usually followed by "Is it for sale?!"

Unfortunately, many Facebook groups will let you post relative content, but most do not allow "self-promotion" and I've even been booted a few times because I somehow didn't follow the rules! Where it's allowed, I do post locations, links and availability.

So, as of today here are locations in Connecticut where my work is visible and available!

1. Evening Sky Brewing, Burlington, CT extended though 4/17/22 24 pcs (open Tues, Thurs-Sun)

2. New England Brewing, Woodbridge, CT now through 4/30-18 pcs. (Open daily)

3. The Connecticut Art Gallery in Thomaston, CT 10-14 pcs-open generally Wednesday night, Friday and Saturday nights and sometimes on Sunday)

4. The Crescent Gallery in Thomaston, CT (3 pcs-open on Thursdays 10:00-1:00)

5. The Main Street Gallery, Ansonia, CT (2 pcs-open most days after 4:00 plus weekends)

6. Brassworks Brewery, Waterbury, CT (6 pcs-open Thu-Sunday)

7. Broad Brook Brewery, Suffield, CT (2 pcs-generally Weds-Sunday)

8. Haight-Brown Winery-Litchfield, CT (3 pcs through 4/17/22) Open daily except for Tues/Weds.

9. Cheshire Remax-Cheshire, CT (6 pcs-office open most days)

10. Crabby Al's, Thomaston, CT (4 pcs-open daily)

If you have questions regarding which paintings are where you can always email/text/call me!

And, as always all currently available originals are listed on my website (I offer free shipping in the continental USA) and prints of all my work are available in many sizes, printed on many things (paper, metal, canvas, acrylic) and I do offer merchandise that can be printed with one of my images (phone cases, puzzles, tote bags, cards, yoga mats, etc.)

I'm always available for help or questions!

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Here's several of my newest pieces!


  The Sounds of Silence 20" x 16"   

    at Marty's Cafe



    Winter Birch Trees 16" x 16"   

     at Hawk Ridge Winery


Shelton Reservoir 12" x 16"

 At Hawk Ridge Winery