Spring is here....It's been a busy Winter!

Happy Spring to all!

For many people, the Winter is down time due to the cold and uncertain weather, travel issues and often people are inside more than the rest of the year. The same is true for my wife and I a bit but in fact, it's been a very busy Winter for us both personally and in my art business!

On the personal side we have been very busy! We've managed to go hiking many times in our local area on dry days, on snowy days and to some of our favorite spots. We've even seen huge bear tracks on a snowy day when we needed to wear our ice spikes (proving bears don't really hibernate in CT!)

Check out the size of these tracks in relation to Laurie's size 8 winter boots!

We also managed to get down to Florida for a week in February to visit with my daughter's family and our two grandkids there. We had a great time and managed to even get to Seaworld for a couple of days in between snuggles, reading time and painting lessons (both of the grandkids LOVE to paint.

As far as my painting goes...I've managed to do over 20 paintings since the first of the year including 6 commission pieces! Along the way I've been fortunate enough to have solo shows in Washington, CT in January, In a local winery in February (Hawk Ridge), In a great local brewery since 2/1 and ending soon (Evening Sky), a new winery for me in Litchfield (Haight-Brown) and I just set up another show yesterday at New England Brewing in Woodbridge. what is even more rewarding is that I've been fortunate enough to have 25 people in the first quarter become new collectors of my originals! I always say that I paint things that make me happy or create an emotion (for me) and it is obviously doing the same for others which is humbling.

I updated a previous blog post with current locations where my work is visible if you are out and about. And I've been busy planning the outdoor art shows where I'll be attending and showing my work. So far I've got 10 dates set and I may add a couple more. I'll post in advance of each show and probably put another blog/newsletter together once all the dates are firmed up!

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Thanks so much!