Sharing my art through teaching!

I'm often asked if I give lessons, and I do! But......only with my grandkids and the occasional neighbor! 4 of my 6 grandkids often want to paint along when I'm painting and I'm always ready to do it!

I started drawing and painting at a very young age and I was always encouraged along the way. Neither of my parents had any artistic ability at all but my mom was always willing to buy me "how to draw" books, basic art supplies and when I was about 12 years old, she even got me into a semi-private art class where I learned how to paint in both watercolors and oils!

So, I'm more than happy to paint dinosaurs, monsters, flowers or whatever interests them as a way to help develop their creative minds! I try and teach a bit of color theory and mixing and a bit of how to use brushes and it's fun to watch them try and succeed. My oldest granddaughter can actually follow along fairly well and produce recognizable work (with directions) and my grandson Leo seems to really be the most into art. When we paint together, he's always ready to pick his own colors and do his painting a bit different (which is cool). 

And even though my grandkids are all not local, we can paint and do lessons remotely with Facebook Portal! I will email or text a drawing to my daughter in Florida or my son in Long Island and they will print the drawing so that we can both paint the same thing. It works out fairly well. (They all have paints at home).

Asfar as giving lessons locally to adults or kids.....I'm always willing to give advice or share tips on my FB page or even in emails but at this point I'm enjoying my freedom. Maybe someday!


Thanks for following me! Let me know if you'd like some informal advice or help.