Connecticut Paintings

So many of you that know me, or my history know that I grew up in Connecticut and lived here from 3 months of age until we moved away at age 37. But when we retired, we moved back "home" to be close to at least one set of grandkids. 

It's such a pleasure being back in this beautiful state and being close to cousins, aunts and uncles and siblings but what is the best about this state is the wide variety of places to visit, places to hike, beaches, woods, farms, etc.

Which provides me with endless inspiration of my favorite things to paint! We take photos constantly when we are out and about just exploring or hiking or doing weekend activities and many of them, I have used as references for my work. In addition, the local Facebook and Instagram posts from a number of local photographers also provide me with endless inspiration. I've been fortunate enough to be granted permission from many of them to use their photos as references.

Here are two of my newest, both of which are on display locally!

Glastonbury Orchard and Farm (based on a photo reference by Gabriela Andrew

Enders Falls in Granby, CT based on photos by my wife Laurie!

So if you get a chance, check out my Connecticut Gallery here 

And, if you have a favorite scene or photo you'd like me to paint let me know and we can discuss it!

Best regards, Skip